Seyfeli Textile

Seyfeli Textile

Seyfeli Textile was founded in 1997 in Izmir. As a beginning, men's and children's shirt were produced and exported; afterwards, it expanded its range of products to men's, women's, kid's and baby's wear as knitted group was added to its woven group. Seyfeli Textile got interested in organic textile in 2002 and became the most experienced organic manufacturer in Izmir. It has been exporting the products to Europe countries mostly.

In the meanwhile, it has been taking an active role with Aegean Apparel Industry Association and Aegean Exporter Association in various activities carried out for developing of organic textile in Turkey.
It has been continuing to its duties as related introducing manufacturers in Turkey to abroad in business development and promotion committee in Aegean Exporters Association, also the duties on top of the board of directors in Exporters Association.
It has been not only making its own production's fabrics as following all producing process from threads to fabric, at the same time it is the company that has been an exporter of the fabrics. It invented certified organic plush fabric with its explorer spirit and experience whom the only manufacturer in Turkey.
It has been updating itself to provide fast service and conformity of quality standard according to developing technology continuously. It has been continuing to increasingly grow in keeping up to new World trends.

Our Philosophy is being successful as growing together in an honest and proper workplace and having in a good relationship with all our employees, our customers and organizations work with.

Whether it is customers or employees, do business as considering human rights and the outcome of our work.

We will try to leave a liveable world for future generations, as minimizing the harming to the environment and nature during our work.

For the better results, keep the highest level of determination to succeed and work.

Assure that all the units to work together in the spirit of a single team.

To be open to the new ideas, new methods; believing in efficiency and performing it successfully.

Seyfeli Textile Certificates

Global Organic Textile Standard

Global Organic Textile Standard [CU807330GOTS]

Organic 100 Content Standard

Organic 100 Content Standard [CU807330OCS]

Organic Blended Content Standard

Organic Blended Content Standard [CU807330OCS]

Sedex Global Membership

Sedex Global Membership [ZC405432239]

Recycled Claim Standard 100

Recycled Claim Standard 100 [CU807330RCS]

Recycled Claim Standard Blended

Recycled Claim Standard Blended [CU807330RCS]

Global Recycled Standard

Global Recycled Standard [CU807330GRS]

Mayoral Certificate

Mayoral Certificate

Global Organic Textile Standard

GOTS Certificate

Global Organic Textile Standard

OCS Certificate

GRS Certificate

GRS Certificate

RCS Certificate

RCS Certificate

Mayoral Certificate

Mayoral Certificate

Seyfeli Tekstil Dış Tic.Ltd.Şti.

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No:59 B.E.G.O.S 3.Bölge


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